The Energy Recovery Ventilation System is the ‘brain and lungs’ of our homes…

The energy recovery ventilation system recovers any form of energy produced in your home (from body heat, cooking or lighting etc.) by extracting  old, stale air from the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. It contributes this warmth to the fresh air intake from the outside. It filters incoming air from pollen and dust before distributing  into living areas and bedrooms.  A sensor measures the air quality and ‘boosts’ the air exchange if required. The consistent supply of filtered fresh air ensures a healthy indoor climate all year round.

Please click the link below to read everything there is to know about one of the crucial ingredients of a CARBONlite home supplied by one of our partners LAROS technologies.

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Energy Recovery Ventilation has also made some advancements in recent years and as well as providing a centralised system, which recovers and reuses residual heat through ducting, a decentralised system is also available with our homes. Please see a model below of the LUNOS e², created by LAROS and demonstrating the different features and functions of this intelligent ventilation system.