Carbonlite homes will not just improve your living comfort and provide a healthy home for you and your family; it will also save you a lot of money!

Running cost can be reduced to up to 90% compared to a standard build. This could make your every day life a lot easier, but it could also have a huge impact on your mortgage.

Below is an example where we calculated how the savings could be reinvested in your mortgage.

Average Quarterly Running Cost for Standard Build: $600
Average Quarterly Running Cost for Carbonlite Home: $60.00

Total Savings: $540 / quarter
Total Savings: $2160 / year

Average Mortgage of $350,000
Variable Rate of 5.18%

If you would pay an extra $540 / quarter towards the above mortgage (30 year loan) you would save 5 Years & 3 Months on the loan term which equates $66,000 !!

Please note that this is an example. The rates and savings will vary depending on your loan, property size, quarterly costs.