Design is a very important part developing your home and we take pride in providing you with a design that will suit your needs and living arrangements…

New Design?

Sketch Plan for reviewEvery project is especially tailored to suit your needs and expectations. In the initial meeting we will gather some of your ideas, visions, budget, site location and conditions and requirements of you and your family. From there we develop a sketch plan for review…

The choice of layout, shape, cladding is all yours. Existing floor plans can be used as a guidance. If possible we will sketch something on the spot.

From this sketch plan, we formalise the concept into a developed idea and provide you with further documentation for review…

Developed Design Plans for review

From there we will turn this into the final design, with the aid of a 3D model and create a set of drawings for your confirmation. Once the design is established we can proceed to get ready for the building/planning permit applications and the construction process.

Existing Drawings?

If you already have your dream home or extension on paper but you would like to turn it into a ‘PassivHaus‘ we can equally make that happen for you. We would make a few adjustments to eliminate thermal bridges and include the airtight membrane without any changes to your design at all.

Whatever your scenario is we will work with you to make your dream come true.